CRM 2013 Beta: Notes On A Record

I am very happy to see that Microsoft has improved the ways notes can be created/edited/deleted in CRM 2013. In this post I shall explain the new improvements …

What’s In A Note?

Note: CRM 2013 is not due to be released until October 2013. The information provided in this blog might different from the final product.

I am very happy to see that Microsoft has improved the ways notes can be created/edited/deleted in CRM 2013. On the CRM 2011 Rollup 13 released back in March 2013, I can add a note directly (with in-line editing) in the “Notes” grid of an entity form. The title defaults to the time of note creation and who created this note, with the latest modified date and person who modified the note down the bottom. But attaching a file to this note shows a pop up with more buttons to click.


In CRM 2013 notes are now placed on the middle column of a form as a tab along with “Posts” and “Activities”.


Notes are created/edited in similar ways on an entity form. The differences are:

  • There is no longer a default for the title of the note. You need to enter something yourself.
  • File attachment is now an in-page experience with no pop-up window.


  • The note now shows only who modified the note last and the modified time. If you want to see who originally created the note and original time of creation, you need to hover with your mouse over the note’s bottom subtext.


Notes – The 10 Seconds Rule

If a user accidentally clicks on the “x” icon and deletes a note, there is now a new functionality of “UNDOING” the note deletion. There is a catch though, the user has 10 seconds to undo this, after that the note is deleted from the database forever.


Email Me A Link

One very nice additional functionality offered in CRM 2013 is the ability to click on an OOB button and if Outlook is installed on the machine you are browsing CRM on, an Outlook message window will pop up and CRM will populate the record’s URL to the record and record title as the email subject.



I like the above improvements. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “CRM 2013 Beta: Notes On A Record

  1. Hi,

    I have recently started working on CRM 2013 and came across one issue in Notes. I need to allow user to add notes, but the user should not be allowed to edit or delete the notes added by him.

    To restrict the delete it can be achieved through Security roles, but it still allow the user to edit the previously saved notes.

    Please suggest how this can be achieved in CRM 2013 online.


    1. Hi Neeraj,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I think you can change the permissions on a user’s security role for “note” to perhaps “User owned” on CREATE and READ but no permissions on WRITE and DELETE etc? This should allow the user (which this security role) to create his own note and read his own note, but not delete and not edit.
      Hope that helps.

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