CRM 2013 Beta: Resizing of Browser Forms

In this post I want to share with you another new feature in CRM 2013: the ability for a form’s content to be dynamically resized and rearranged on the page based on the width of the form on display.

Dynamic Resizing of Browser Forms

Note: CRM 2013 is not due to be released until October 2013. The information provided in this blog might different from the final product.

Dynamic Resizing of a browser form is the ability for a form’s content to be dynamically resized and rearranged on the page based on the width of the form on display.

Out of the box, forms in CRM 2013 now have there vertical columns. In fact that is now the default – a “tab” on a form can have up to 3 columns.


As you shrink the width of the page horizontally, the three columns will automatically resize and rearrange themselves by stacking the columns vertically. If you zoom in and out but keep the browser size fixed, the columns will also dynamically rearrange and restack itself! This nicely accommodates visual display of a record on smaller screens such as a tablet or a mobile phone.



It’s not just the columns that would dynamically resize, the buttons for a record will also do the same. They will be included in the “more menu (…)” drop down.


Where has the record header gone?

In the old CRM 2011 form, the separation between header and body of the form is very clear. In the form designer you can customize and place whatever attributes from the entity record you want to show on the header. In CRM 2013 however, it seems that if you want to keep using the “refreshed” forms (ones that can dynamically resize), you will need to keep the header attributes to a maximum number of 4 only. These attributes are now displayed as the yellow (editable) tiles to the right of the record title. To be honest I like this limitation much better as it forces me to think about what 4 attributes I really want on the header of a record to ensure that the record screen is nice and clear.

For example, this is  a screenshot of what a form looks like in CRM 2011. Notice you can display as many fields as you like on the header section of the form.


As opposed to the limit of 4 fields on the header (yellow tiles) on a CRM 2013 form.



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