CRM 2013 Service Pack 1: Duplicate Detection Is Back, But…!!

CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 has now been released, and duplicate detection has been restored! Hurray!! But ….

CRM 2013 Spring-Wave & Service Pack 1 Released

For Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft has released its Spring-Wave offerings which includes Service Pack 1, along with online services such as Microsoft Social Listening (formerly NetBreeze) and Microsoft Marketing (formerly Marketing Pilot). This Microsoft site provides a good overview of the Spring-Wave release.

In particular, CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 has restored duplicate detection! A few months ago I wrote about the havoc caused by the lack of duplicate detection for record creation of refreshed entities such as contact and account, so it is fantastic news to see its return to CRM 2013.

CRM 2013 Service Pack 1: Duplicate Detection

So what does it look like in CRM 2013? As always, it starts with the duplicate detection rules in Settings > Data Management.


First, ensure that the system has duplicate detection enabled:


Out of the box, CRM 2013 offers built-in duplicate detection rules. One common rule is the “Account with the same Account Name” rule. When this rule is published in the system, CRM considers 2 accounts to be duplicates if they share the same Account Name.


Service Pack 1 restores the ability to detect duplicates on manual record creation/update. That is, when a user tries to save a new account that has the same name as an account that exists in CRM already, duplicate detection dialog pops up to warn the user of potential duplicate:


Another way duplicate detection works is when a duplicate detection job is manually triggered. Once the job finishes, it displays potential duplicates and user can choose how such duplicates should be treated: deactivated, ignore, merge etc.


Duplicate detection bug for certain matching conditions?

Looking at the duplicate detection rule editor in more detail, you can set your matching criteria to more than just name matching.

For example, I created the following duplicate detection rule to check if accounts have the same Account Name, and own by users/teams belonging to the same business unit:


When only this single rule is published for accounts, CRM 2013 will correctly detect account duplicates when a duplicate detection job is triggered.


However, manually creating yet another account named “Fair Food Ltd” as the same CRM user in the same business unit does not trigger the duplicate detection dialog. So CRM now has 3 duplicate accounts with the same name, created by users in the same business unit.


Similarly the same duplicate detection rule also does not trigger when I run a data import job and specify that no duplicates are allowed in the data import wizard.

Is this a duplicate detection bug in CRM 2013 Service Pack 1? I am not sure, but it is certainly not what I was expecting…


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