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CRM 2013 Beta: Update On Auto-Save Issues

Just a quick update on the issues I mentioned with “Auto-Save” in CRM 2013 in an earlier post The Dreaded Auto-Save: I think there is hope that the mis-matching titles issues have been resolved and users won’t see this in the final release of the product in October. Microsoft support says they can no longer reproduce this issue in their latest codebase. Let’s hope that really is true! Fingers crossed!

CRM 2013 Beta: The Dreaded Form “Auto-Save”

Note: CRM 2013 is not due to be released until October 2013. The information provided in this blog might different from the final product.

Why the title to this post you ask? This is because an auto save functionality means most developers would have to seriously rethink the way they develop their plugins, workflows and client side Javascript to prevent code from triggering excessively of course. That is, more work to do for a developer!

Let’s start by taking a look from the end-user’s perspective.

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